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Since 1978, Donovan Associates have been providing engineering and surveying services to the building industry and government departments.

Donovan Associates is a firm of Registered Surveyors and Civil/Structural Engineers. We are based in Parramatta and work in the greater Sydney Metropolitan area and surrounds delivering innovative civil, structural and surveying services and solutions.

Our company specialises in surveying and engineering and is currently working for most of the top builders and developers in Australia. We also undertake small subdivisions and stratas.

We are motivated by a need to provide innovative and high quality performance and consultancy service to our clients by determining and understanding their needs to deliver optimum solutions for their projects.

Over the past three  decades what has kept us through thin and thick, so to speak, is our strict policy of using only experienced engineers and registered surveyors on projects. Our enthusiastic and creative team of professionals are dedicated to excellence in innovative engineering design and outstanding surveying service, ensuring consistency and high quality documentation.

Of course, our exemplary reporting practice is not a matter of chance or casual occurrence. Our founders were strict and painstakingly disciplined about developing, perfecting and refining systems and procedures so that the best quality work is continuously produced.

From our conception our Founder’s focus was to create a business model which, as much as possible, is independent of any particular person but rather relies on the strict adherence to rigid quality systems. Today he agrees that it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made – one that has given us an envious reputation in the industry.

So, of course, we are committed and determined to meet the various building codes, laws and regulations but here at Donovan Associates we choose to go a step further… or should we say a step ahead of the pack.

We are determined to do all that we are supposed to do PLUS we are also determined to surpass them whenever technically and economically possible. We can have your projects completed without cutting corners. It’s what the Donovans are known and often respected for!

Discipline. Excellence. Constant never-ending improvement.

To us these are no empty words but our way of life, how we conduct ourselves and do business. Here at Donovan Associates it’s what we are known for.

We are guided by the same set of values and principles that our Founder, Kevin Donovan, passionately observed and lived by when he first established his Surveying firm in 1978. In 1981 his brother, John, a Structural Engineer, started the Engineering Company. Together they have established one of Australia’s most respected surveying and engineering service company.

After 35 years, and many economic ups and downs, we continue to push the envelope to not only improve the landscape of this picturesque country but to also strengthen and solidify its economy, society and infrastructure.

We also pride ourselves on our turn around times.

Our software programs have been written and developed by our director Kevin Donovan. These systems mean we can provide the highest standard of quality assurance and the fastest turnaround times.

In fact we are constantly working on our systems to improve these turnaround times as we realise that the quicker our clients get their projects back from us the more efficiently and profitably their companies can run.

Engineering and surveying we generally turn around in 3 to 10 working days depending on the type of service they require. Larger projects of course requite longer time frames

History in the making…

Until 1989 most of the work undertaken by the firm was for project builders where both the surveying and engineering companies were utilised. In 1989 with the expansion into digital mapping the firm was successful in being accepted to provide data to the NSW state cadastral database. Many other contracts followed with various government agencies, to convert existing graphical data into digital format. Commercial translation products were created and sold to more than a dozen countries throughout the world.

During the 1990’s, with the Olympics arriving in Sydney, the company provided surveying services to this major project as well as other major construction projects in Sydney.

At this stage, we have decided to concentrate on our original services namely Project Home Builders, Department of Housing, Architects, subdivision work, small to medium size projects and other select clients, where we are a market leader and specialists in these areas.

You’ve probably heard the saying to stick to your knitting – it’s how we are able to provide quality and consistent service to clients.

Our current clients include many of the large building and development companies in Inner and Outer Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Sutherland, Lithgow and Wollongong.

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our clients have been using our service over and over again in fact some have been with us since our inception. We think it is a testament to our superior quality service.

John and Kevin are well known and highly respected in their fields. They walk their talk and their technology is cutting edge and their dedication to their professions has earned them respect and admiration among their peers.

Donovan Associates Key Personnel:

John Donovan – Principal (Civil and Structural).

Kevin Donovan – Principal (Surveying).

Jocelyn Donovan – General Manager (Accounts)

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